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Main units of fiber drawing line

  • Can-type creel            

  • Top guide creel

  • Bottom guide creel

  • 7 rollers tow guiding stand

  • Immersion bath

  • Draw stand I

  • Draw chest

  • Draw stand II

  • Steam Chest

  • Annealer

  • Spray-type cooler

  • Draw stand III

  • Tow stacker

  • 3 rollers

  • Draw tension roller

  • Steam pre-heater

  • Crimper

  • Spreading conveyor

  • Spin finish spraying machine

  • Dryer

  • Knot detector

  • Tow tension stand

  • Cutter

  • Baler

Polyester Fiber Machinery
Polyester Staple Fiber psf Annealing

Key Technology


Annealer: 4 groups of a total of 18-22 rollers. Circulating oil bath for gears and bearings at the top of the inside wall. Jacket-type roller connected with flange. The shaft and gears are connected by tight fits. Lubrication inspection system with auto-stop control.







Crimper: High-density crimping technology, with integral crimp roller, revolving copper side panel, and individual inverter.




Cutter: High denier cutting technology, with the integral frame, press cutting structure, big diameter blade disc, online switching blade disc, automatic opening and closing of the sealing cover, and the function of preventing inverse dragging.









FCS Electric control system: FCS electric control system. FCS with an open end can be connected with third-party equipment. A big capacity and high-accuracy DC bus inverter driving system guarantee the synchronous lifting of each unit machine. Completely digitalized site controls realize integrated monitor and control.

Polyester Staple Fiber crimper
Polyester Staple Fiber Cutting machine
FCS Electric control system in PSF Production Line

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