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Polyester Staple Fiber (PSF) Production Line


We handle key projects from product exploration, project design, process control, manufacture, install service to start-up running. We can provide all types of equipment of polyester staple fiber complete machineries from melt pipes to can traverse, and from tow, creel stand to cutter and baling press.

The possible production denier of PSF is 0.8D ~ 1.5D cotton type/ high tenacity, 2D ~ 20D solid regular, 6D ~ 15D hollow conjugated (3-dimensional) and the capacity of the whole line is 25TPD, 50TPD, 70TPD, 100TPD, 150TPD, 200TPD and so on. According to user’s demand.

We started synthetic fiber machinery & equipment fabrication since 1960’, it used to be the authorized spinning technology and machinery licencor and producer by China Textile Industry.

We also worked with Dupont, Zimmer, Toray for their tailor making machine fabrication in the OEM working style; Currently all other spinning machines produced by other companies are copied from Shanghai Pacific technology, hence there definitely exists difference in critical technical items, especially in temperature evenness of spinning beam, polymer melt residence time/pressure control, quench air speed, amount, pressure, flow direction uniformity control etc., we have our own specific technology.

For long period, Shanghai Pacific has been combining worldwide advanced technology in R&D, developing its own licensed & advanced spinning technology through combining filament & fiber spinning process advantages, the evenness of spinning beam can be controlled within ±1oC it is really the leading technology in the world; Shanghai Pacific also independently developed the own licensed technology of radical quench, semi-open circular quench, full close circular quench etc

polyester staple fiber spinning machinery

We supplied the most big capacity PSF lines in the world, and it also owns the most PSF running lines in the world; And the typical customer Sinopec is the biggest company in China (listed at No.22 of Fortune Top Worldwide 500), and Sinopec is also the biggest Petrochemical Complex in China and owns the biggest polyester capacity in the world.

polyester staple fiber drawing machinery
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